About Us
DAY1...Helping young people move into work

Our vision is to give young people from difficult backgrounds a special focus on them, to let them experience new things and to help them build a positive sense of purpose, a ‘can do’ attitude and some clear direction in their lives.

If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

Work and employment are the key to having choices in life. You work, you earn money, you get to make choices.

Academic expertise is not the only route to success, but ‘determination’ is. Some of our most successful and wealthy business people have no qualifications……but most of them had a job at the age of 14 and worked up from there.

Making mistakes is normal. Don’t whine about them, learn from them…….and do better next time.

Life is tough, especially if you don’t try! No one owes us a living. The more we do for ourselves the easier and more fun it gets. Working hard works!

Trust and respect are earned. If you show some you will get some.

Success is anyone’s. It’s not about making loads of money. It’s about feeling good about yourself, building goals that stretch you and pushing your boundaries.

If we want real excitement, we need to move outside our comfort zones. Try something new.
DAY1 gives young people, who appear to have limited opportunity, a way of providing a special focus on them, to let them experience something different and to help them unlock their true potential through linking them up with their very own mentor. Our DAY1 mentors, who will often themselves become role models for the young people under their care, are not only well trained and highly supported by the DAY1 team but are also entirely focused on helping their young person become an independent self-supporting and contributing member of society.

Our 12 month mentoring program is designed to grow and improve self confidence and to offer a “window” or taster of potential career opportunities. Ultimate aims are to follow the young person through into first employment or to help them make the best of their potential at school or College and beyond.

Our program, which centres on a 12 month unique combination of befriending and one-to-one mentoring, acts as a catalyst for positive change. Some of the skills and attitudes that the young people will take away with them are:

Positive thinking
Appreciation of the value of work
Self awareness
The power of goal setting
A sense of purpose
A ‘can do’ attitude
New interests
Life skills

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