Day 1...Connecting with the community

DAY1 is linking up with the community in several ways:

With schools
With other youth help organisations
With businesses
With individuals
With recreational clubs
With funding bodies

If you would like to get involved with the DAY1 program,
you can do so in a number of ways:

As a school or youth organisation, you might wish to offer the DAY1 mentoring service for certain of your pupils/members
As a business, you might want to offer a DAY1 participant an introduction into your line of work
As an individual, you might want to become a mentor and change the life of an individual for the better
As a recreational club, you might want to offer an activity for a DAY1 participant to try out if they wish
As a funding body, and this includes businesses of course, you might want to help us with direct funding

Please feel free to contact us now.

How can your business help?

One of the central elements of the DAY1 program is that of introducing young people to a variety of work places. The choice of business is made by the young people themselves and follows them expressing their own interest and curiosity to their mentor.

The time commitment of accepting a young person for an introduction to your world of work is not large and may only be a couple of hours at a time. However, the effect of such an experience can be extremely positive in helping the young person to decide on what it is they want to aim for in the years ahead.

As well as helping the DAY1 participants, such work placements will also have beneficial effects on developing your staff interpersonal and leadership skills.

And may result in a motivated employee later on!

We will of course recognise your contribution in any publicity plus on this website as appropriate.

If you would like to explore the possibility of introducing a DAY1 young person to your business, please do contact us directly and we can have a chat.

Thank you.

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